Vendor Solutions

We seek competitive pricing, with quality workmanship

Catalyst understands that the strength of our management services depends on the strength of our vendor list. We seek strategic relationships with our vendors.

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The 4 P's of Strategic Vendor Relationships

People Solutions

Vendors that invests in learning our business, our client’s needs and our customer requirements. Good listening skills.

Pricing Practices

The vendor delivers robust product functionality, excellent service and world-class price. Respecting that the deal has to work for all parties, the vendor must offer competitive pricing consistently.

Payment Solutions

We look for vendors that offer fair and reasonable terms. Such as down payments at 25%, not 50% unless the job is heavy materials based which may require a more frequent draw schedule to protect our vendors from risk as well. We look for vendors who provide timely invoices and we expect our team to deliver timely payments.

Pride in Resolutions

Projects is an energetic word for Problems. We expect that problems may arise. It is what one does about it that matters…. What one does about fixing the problem is our bigger concern. In other words, let’s be honest, let’s own the problems, mistakes, or miscommunication and then let’s focus more on the solution and less on the problem.

If you understand the principals and want to work with us, please complete the vendor package to ensure you meet our insurance and legal requirements.