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Catalyst delivers multifamily real estate services that help make your vision come to life. Our extensive experience in handling management, acquisitions, development, and sales offers a comprehensive approach to handling your multifamily company.

We're passionate about your success, which is why we've consistently exceeded market trends, helping you to reap the benefits of your investment. Our services cover your business from every angle, including accounting, asset management, analysis, and on-the-ground property management oversight.

We are dedicated to you and our residents. Learn more about our multifamily real estate services when you contact us today.

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"Our services cover your business from every angle"

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Renovations and Maintenance Solutions

Our Blue Marlin Maintenance and Service Team provides in-house repair service at below-industry pricing, saving our clients money on all facets of property maintenance.

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Due Diligence

Due diligence is the investigation that a reasonable business or person should take before entering into a purchase contract.

Our due diligence process is outlined below:

  • Property inspection including touring all residential units, mechanical rooms, common areas and grounds.
  • Evaluating the maintenance history, looking for recurring concerns.
  • Conducting random tenant interviews.
  • Analyzing the asset’s past operating performance.
  • Reviewing the financial proforma with you.
  • Collaborating with a business blueprint as you assess the probability of success.

Team Catalyst will provide guidance within the multiple layers of negotiating the application, managing the due diligence, handling the closing, sourcing the loan with our very dedicated mortgage broker, sourcing insurance options with our reputable insurance broker, and servicing the lender relationship as Team Catalyst.

Property Management Experience

  • New Construction – Oversaw the construction punch, completion, and quality control, managed the lease-up, and worked with the capital market specialist to secure permanent financing and ultimately the successful disposition of properties in Texas, Louisiana, and Colorado.
  • Renovation – Oversaw range, renovation, and restoration of projects, including the $10 million restorations after the effects of Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita in 2005.
  • Remodel and Value Positioning – Developed and oversaw the plan to reposition high-end B-class properties to solid A-class properties, including refacing cabinets and door fronts, laminate flooring, granite countertops, plumbing, and electrical fixtures. Built resident amenity areas of full-scale fitness rooms, an aqua lounge, carports, limited access gate system, and more to generate a significant return to our clients. That, in addition to numerous accounts of repositioning D and C-class properties to strong B-class properties, generated millions of dollars in value for a fraction of the cost
  • Condominium Conversion – Worked with the developer to oversee marketing sales and the conversion of apartment buildings to an owner-occupied condominium.
  • Distressed Turn-Arounds – Achieved the successful turn-around of several failing properties by taking control of and completing deferred maintenance issues while improving the tenant base.